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Babble is a software library that enables multiple devices to connect directly to one-another and participate in a common activity without centralised servers or network infrastructure. It uses peer-to-peer networking and a distributed consensus algorithm to pass messages around and agree on the order in which to process them.

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Service Discovery

A combination of mDNS and DNS service-discovery enables users to advertise an intent and discover other users on a Local Area Network.

Wireless Ad-Hoc Networking

WiFi Direct enables users to form their own temporary WiFi networks and use the app in places without coverage like cars, buses, trains, airplanes, festivals, etc.

Distributed Consensus

A powerfull consensus algorithm enables groups of users to securely engage in a common activity without relying on a central coordinator.

Dynamic Membership

Users can join or leave groups on demand. The rules for joining are customisable, and enforced by the group as part of the consensus algorithm. Enable your users to carefully choose who they connect with.


The sequence of commands processed by a group is ordered and persisted locally, by every participant, in what is effectively a blockchain. This is a tamper-proof record of the interaction which can be used for accountability measures.


Babble is particularly suited for mobile deployments due to its low networking overhead. It can process hundreds of transactions per second and makes for a seamless user experience.

Open Source

Babble is free and open-source under the permissive MIT license. We encourage contributions and pull-requests.

No Servers

Applications built with Babble do not require expensive backend infrastructure.Save money and development time by embracing a fully peer-to-peer architecture.


Babble is designed to easily integrate with any application. The core library is written in Go, but we have an Android wrapper, and iOS is coming soon.

About Us

Babble is built by a small team of engineers in London. We provide additional services for companies that are already either using Babble or interested in discovering how Babble can help solve their IT problems.

For general queries you can reach us via ping@babble.io
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